Monthly Archive: September 2018

Centaku News Briefs: Issue #1 0

Centaku News Briefs: Issue #1

Welcome to Centaku News Briefs! Your weekly issue of the latest news happening in the anime, gaming, cosplay, and other communities of Otaku interests! To kick of the first issue, we’re covering the new...

Unfollowing Twitter Users After 10+ Years 0

Unfollowing Twitter Users After 10+ Years

September 29th marks the 11th anniversary (or #Twitterversary) since I registered an account on Twitter. And the timing is perfect as I finally got the nerves to return to the microblogging platform and clear...

Vlog: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 3

Vlog: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Today marks a history in the making for Centaku Media, with the first ever post-convention vlog! Anime Weekend Atlanta was held this past weekend, and I recorded and uploaded a vlog on our YouTube...

Instagram of the Day: #2016bestnine 0

Instagram of the Day: #2016bestnine

Let’s pretend that this was published right after New Year’s 2017. This Instagram post has been sitting in my drafts, via IFTTT. I figured I might as well post it as a #FlashbackFriday post...