Monthly Archive: October 2018


My Hero Academia – Review

I’m excited to bring you the first brand new anime review since the blog relaunch, and one of the world’s latest series, My Hero Academia. After witnessing a huge gathering of My Hero Academia...


Centaku News Briefs: Issue 2

Welcome to the Issue 2 of the News Briefs! This week we have the new Dragon Ball Super movie trailer, NCT 127’s MV teaser, and a “What-If” opening theme of a beloved Blizzard game....

Internet Woes at Centaku Media HQ 1

Internet Woes at Centaku Media HQ

I had a masterplan for a comeback to Twitch streaming back in August, by streaming my late Season 11 progress in Overwatch, and also playing a few other games outside of Blizzard’s hit game....


Fall 2018 Anime Lineup

If I’m posting what’s happening in the current season’s anime lineup, then it means that I have really returned… in before adult responsibilities! Anyway, this is the first Anime Lineup I’ve talked about since...

Ni-Ongaku Spotlight – September 2018 Roundup 0

Ni-Ongaku Spotlight – September 2018 Roundup

Hey there! If you’re a new reader, the Ni-Ongaku Spotlight series, I showcase several Japanese songs everyone should be listening to right now. On the original blog, it was a regular feature, of the...