Author: Sanjo-chan

Centaku Media Journal: Episode #12 (S1 Finale)

This episode marks the end of the first season of the Centaku Media Journal! Listen as Sanjo-chan talks about the upcoming second season of Dr. Stone, news of Final Fantasy XVI’s development, and your...

Centaku Media Journal: Episode #11

Netflix reveals information for the TV adaptation of Spriggan, winners of KupoCon’s “The Crystals”, and South Korea’s decision regarding the military exemption of BTS.

What is the Best Anime Convention?

Declaring an anime convention the “Best Anime Convention” can go based on certain situations. That can be geographic location, experiences, and guests. This is a question asked in many communities, especially for those who...

Winners of KupoCon’s “The Crystals” Awards

This past summer the Final Fantasy convention ran by fans, for fans, KupoCon, announced an awards event called “The Crystals”, awarding the best of the Final Fantasy franchise in various categories. The nominees were...