Author: Zippy

What to Watch When Stuck at Home

Whether you’re isolated alone, needing something to watch with your family, or wanting to host a Netflix watch party, here’s a list of 15 streaming shows and movies you should watch to get you through this trying time in all our lives.

A Taxi Driver 2017 Korean film poster

ICYMI: A Taxi Driver (2017)

“A Taxi Driver” does a nice job of balancing truth and near-truth to deliver a gripping story of a government’s suppression of its own citizens and their inspiring fight against injustice.

Beastars Characters Louis and Legoshi

ICYMI: Beastars Season 1 (Netflix)

Life is tough for a highschool kid who is just trying to fit in. Especially when that high school kid is a tall gray wolf who, after an already myserious murder of an alpaca student, nearly kills a white bunny student himself only to stop at the last minute. She runs away wounded but safe, while he’s left confused with both feelings of predatory urges and—love?