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Ace Attorney Investigations Collection Announced for 2024

The most recent Nintendo Direct revealed what the console is offering for the remainder of 2024, and fans of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series were excited to hear that two games in the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth series were getting a re-release on modern platforms!

Originally released in 2009 on the Nintendo DS, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a spinoff on the main Ace Attorney games initially starring Phoenix Wright, and eventually Apollo Justice taking over as the main protagonist in the self-titled fourth game in the franchise. Miles Edgeworth is the famed “Demon Prosecutor,“ rivaling Phoenix Wright in the initial trilogy.

After the successful release of the first AAI game, a sequel was announced for 2011—which would only see a Japan-only release, inspiring a fan-translated effort for those who wanted to know more about their favorite Demon Prosecutor. After 13 years, the sequel officially titled “Prosecutor’s Gambit”, is being released in the West for the first time in addition to the modern release of the first game in the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection.

The past year has been filled with excitement for Ace Attorney fans, with the recent release of the Apollo Justice Trilogy—featuring the aforementioned fourth game, and the two Nintendo 3DS releases of Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice, respectively.

Check out the trailer below! Ace Attorney Investigations Collection is due September 6, 2024, and will be available on Nintendo Switch, current Playstation and Xbox consoles, and PC via Steam.

[Source: Anime News Network]


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