Centaku Media Journal: Episode #05

Gamers got their share of new game and product announcements in the last episode. Now, anime fans get their time in the spotlight following the announcements from Anime Expo Lite and FunimationCon. Sanjo-chan also talks about the shutdown of Twitch competitor Mixer, BLACKPINK’s recording breaking comeback, and the controversy surrounding former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi.


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Interesting Find: The Mega Mac and Grand Mac

This was originally published on February 17th, 2008.

Behold! The Mega Mac! It’s a bigger version of McDonald’s famous “Big Mac” Sandwiches–and it’s only available in Japan. Looking at this makes me hungry. Eating this would probably make you full for a few days! Don’t think that it will be coming to the US, or anywhere else soon. I can just see all the lawsuits…


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Passport: Aqcuired. Where to now?

Centaku Media: South Korea Bound

I posted on my Twitter a while back of an acquisition of exciting proportions! It’s a key to an upcoming adventure coming later in 2019 that will change my life as I have made it to Level 30 on this planet. I have obtained my very first passport! It took a year, maybe more, or debate of where I should go for my first out of country trip. It originally started as just saying random things that may not come true, but a close friend of mine, who I will refer to as DJ Panda, suggested two places: South Korea or Japan.


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