You can watch the latest livestream from our Twitch channel right on this page! You can also check this page for upcoming livestreams! Please read the “Important Broadcast Information” before engaging in the channel chat on our Twitch page.

Schedule / Current Projects (experimental)

All times are United States Eastern Time. Check out Time Zone Converter to find out your local time. Days and times subject to change. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates! The first 15 minutes of every stream includes news and community updates before the gameplay starts.

Eorzea Journal Live – Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 2:00 PM

Join in on this Final Fantasy XIV stream as Nakaichi Epion from Famfrit progresses through A Realm Reborn content and beyond!

Anything Goes Gaming – Sundays @ 2:00 PM (every other week, as needed)

A stream that focuses on a chill, casual aspect with a game picked by choice.

The Let’s Talk Show (coming soon)

A stream highlighting recent events in the interests of Anime, Gaming, and Asian Entertainment. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming Let’s Talk streams!


Important Broadcast Information

  • This channel has an always active No Backseat Gaming policy. This helps the streamer, as well as viewers, avoid spoilers, as well as providing a unique gameplay experience. If the streamer is stuck at any point of the game, you are free to provide tips and tricks only when it’s needed by the streamer at the point of time when it was requested.
  • Any chat comments left during the broadcast will be read in a timely manner. This means that comments will be viewed during short breaks during gameplay. Understand that there will be a delay in replying/acknowledging. (And it should go without saying, please use common sense when commenting, or there will be consequences!)



What is the minimum age for this channel?

Preferably 16 and up, with the exception of M-Rated games that may require viewers to be older to watch the streams. All streams may contain some words and depictions that are inappropriate for viewers under 16. Not only is this to keep foul language out of younger ears, but it’s to also keep the maturity at an appropriate level.

Important Donation Information

If you really like what you see, feel free to donate! Just remember you’re not obligated to do so, and it’s appreciated if you do!

Please keep in mind that all donations must be considered carefully before submitting as all donations are final. Any donations with the intention of Quid Pro Quo (“This For That”) may be subject to being reported to Twitch in the event of suspected foul play.

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