You can watch the latest livestream from the Twitch channel on this page! You can also check this page for upcoming streams! Please read the “Important Broadcast Information” before engaging in the channel chat on the channel.

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Please note that this panel will change sporadically based on other commitments outside of Centaku Media:

▶ Centaku Media Plays series | Thursdays & Fridays @ 9:00 PM
– Thursdays: Let’s Revisit (Current Game: Final Fantasy X – EXTENDED TO FRIDAY NIGHTS)
– Fridays: Centaku Media Plays (Current Game: Shenmue III – ON HOLD as of March 2021)

▶ Anything Goes Gaming | Every other Friday @ 3 PM
– One game out of a selection of three are picked on air that have either been played briefly onstream or offstream, or never played at all.

End of Month Recess

The last week of the month are reserved for an “End of Month” recess. Please read the explanation in this blog post:

The goal of this channel is producing content in a “Variety” format, adhering to the vision of Centaku Media. More game and show ideas are in the works. Please check out the “Schedule” panel for upcoming streams and planned projects.

Currently Streamed Games

Shenmue III (Centaku Media Plays)
Final Fantasy X (Let’s Revisit series)

Future Streaming Plans

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Persona 5

Previously Streamed Games

Final Fantasy XIV (on-hold)
Monster Hunter: World (on-hold)
Overwatch (on occasion)
Shenmue I
Shenmue II
Jet Set Radio
Final Fantasy XV

Projects Wishlist

Coming soon… 🙂

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Chat Rules

Feel free to chat about whatever is on your mind, provided you keep these simple promises:

  • No racism or sexism
  • Refrain from talking about current politics
  • Do not harass or reveal sensitive information about the streamer or fellow viewers
  • Do not chat with the purpose of promoting another channel or websites; you can if you are genuinely interested in what’s being played by naturally standing out! 😉

Important Broadcast Information

  • This channel has an always active No Backseat Gaming policy. This helps the streamer, as well as viewers, avoid spoilers, as well as providing a unique gameplay experience. If the streamer is stuck at any point of the game, you are free to provide tips and tricks only when it’s needed by the streamer at the point of time when it was requested.
  • Any chat comments left during the broadcast will be read in a timely manner. This means that comments will be viewed during short breaks during gameplay. Understand that there will be a delay in replying/acknowledging. (And it should go without saying, please use common sense when commenting, or there will be consequences!)

What is the minimum age for this channel?

Preferably 16 and up, with the exception of M-Rated games that may require viewers to be older to watch the streams. All streams may contain some words and depictions that are inappropriate for viewers under 16. Not only is this to keep foul language out of younger ears, but it’s to also keep the maturity at an appropriate level.

What are the channel commands?

Check out the StreamElements page for Centaku Media for a list of active commands:

Stream Music

Loading Intro:
TeknoAXE – Nineteen Eighty Seven

Inbetween music is provided by NoCopyrightSounds: