MomoCon: What to Look Forward to in 2022?

After two years of lockdowns and shutdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic, MomoCon is returning for a full weekend of activities and guests at the Georgia World Congress Center on the weekend of Memorial Day 2022. Since it’s been a while since a large-scale event like this has been held for anime fans and otaku in the Southeast US since Anime Weekend Atlanta last September, what do people out of “convention practice” look forward to for MomoCon 2022?


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Metrotham Con Goes Virtual + Outdoor Vendor Event

2020 is known as the year without conventions or any events to attend due to COVID-19 concerns. A lot of well known conventions such as MomoCon, Anime Expo, and now soon to be Anime Weekend Atlanta are hosting digital events in lieu of their traditional physical conventions. Metrotham Con is the latest convention to host a virtual event, as well as an outdoor event in Chattanooga.


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Recap Throwback: Anime Weekend Atlanta 15

The following is a republication of a recap of my first Anime Weekend Atlanta in attendance! It was originally published following the convention in 2009. Since we’re in a situation where there are no cons to attend, unless virtually, in 2020, I figured this would be a good opportunity to wipe the dust off some of these posts, and with a little editing of typos here and there.

A LOT has changed since then, which also brings up a reminder that there are things that once were acceptable, which is now viewed with caution; I am not going to bring it to attention now, but you may figure it out as you read along, especially if you’ve been keeping up with the anime industry in the US in 2019.


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“Have You Ever?” Gaming Edition

If you’re familiar with the game of “Never Have I Ever”, you have an idea of how it goes–especially when spun into something creative in the name of blogging! Now get ready for the “Have You Ever: Gaming Edition”, created by Michelle over at A Geek Girl’s Guide, where a participating blogger fills in the prompts with something they have done that is related to gaming. And being in the middle of all things Otaku related, Centaku Media is the right place for it! It is also a chance to break the ice, giving the new readers more about yours truly, Sanjo-chan!


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Interesting Find: The Mini-Guide for New Shitajiki Collectors

Collecting Shitajiki is a step forward in becoming an Otaku for life. Anime enthusiasts usually collect figurines created based on original or existing characters. For me, however, I take a different approach to collecting anime memorabilia. Shitajiki are pencil boards, like a clipboard–but without a clip, and with graphics. They are just like trading cards, but twice in size!

Author’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2008. I decided to give this post another life for anyone who is interested in collecting these. However, it’s been a minute since I’ve invested in them, but with having to republish this post, I just might give it another shot! Enjoy!


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