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7 Convention Attendee Pandemic Safety Tips From a Convention Veteran

After two years of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus pandemic, things are finally returning to normal–for the most part. With that in mind, a lot of people are considering attending large-scale events again. We still need to do our part when it comes to protecting ourselves and those around us. If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about attending conventions again. Don’t go alone, take these tips for attending a convention in the Pandemic era, from a 20-year convention veteran.

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So Much to See, So Much to Do

There’s so much to look forward to at cons that it’s easy to fall out of routine with the littlest things, such as getting a good night’s rest, or eating and drinking outside of your comfort zone–especially if it’s something unhealthy.

It’s worth mentioning these tips for those who either have not been to a con before or need a refresher–especially having no conventions for the past two years:

Wash Hands at Every Opportunity

Don’t really need to say anything further about this. But I’ll say it as a reminder: wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, which has been recommended by the CDC. The best way to time this is to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. However, a personal preference is to lather your hands up with as much soap as possible to ensure traces of soap is gone after washing: this will last for for over 30 seconds!

Bring and Use Hand Sanitizer at Every Opportunity

This goes along with hand washing, but if a sink is not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer works just as well–especially after touching everything AND everybody.

Captain Carter and Nick Fury
Captain Carter and Nick Fury at Katsucon 2022 | Photo by Chris on Flickr

Bring Extra Masks

While we are experiencing very low cases of COVID-19 as of writing, MomoCon still requires all convention attendees to wear masks for their 2022 event on Memorial Day weekend. Bring masks that are comfortable enough to wear all day and for every situation, especially while in cosplay–a plus if the mask matches the outfit! It’s a good idea to bring some extras in the event one breaks, or if a fellow con-goer needs one. However, it is expected to wear standard face masks, so that means no masks with vents or valves, no mesh masks, and no face shields without wearing masks


This has always been important before the pandemic, and it’s even more important now! There are many kinds of deodorant on the market besides your standard deodorant: dry deodorant spray (Not. Just. Body Spray. Axe alone doesn’t count), deodorant cream (Lume is a brand that comes to mind for this), and even a natural deodorant that does not have aluminum and other chemicals that may cause long-term bodily harm. I personally recommend Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant, which is free of aluminum, parabens, and phthalates!

Shower, Shower, Shower!

After experiencing the convention all day long, you will want to shower. You might feel tired at the end of the day and will want to forego this… But don’t forget you’re at a con, especially during a pandemic! Also if you shower, not only will you be clean, you will get to relax and have a better chance of getting a…

Sleep and Energy Conservation

…Good night’s rest. Energy drinks are tempting but are probably good only as a last resort. If you rely on caffeine to get you through the day, you might experience moments of unrest–and not just from drinking it at bad times, like before bedtime. If you lay off on the caffeine for long periods of time, you may experience moments of having a clear mind and heightened alertness! However, the experience can vary from person to person. Before you go to sleep for the night before the next exciting day of the con, bring a sleep mask to stay focused while you’re sleeping, and to keep the sun from hitting your face when you wake up. Bonus: there are sleep masks with built-in Bluetooth headphones! So pull up your favorite “lofi beats to sleep/chill to” playlist and have sweet dreams!

Wipe It Down!

We wind down the list with Tip #7, which is to bring disinfecting wipes with you to conventions. This technically goes with the hand sanitizer tip. However, if you prefer alcohol-based hand wipes over hand sanitizer, that’s fine, too! But this is for wiping down every surface you touch, especially in your hotel room–and even the TV remote. Even though a lot of hotels are cleaning and sealing remotes in plastic for the safety of their guest, it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe.


I think I covered everything that needs to be talked about to stay safe while attending conventions. Oh, wait! I forgot one more bonus tip:

Brush Your Teeth

Enough said!

Any other tips you would like to include in these convention tips? Feel free to write them in the comments! Enjoy and be safe!


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