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Channel Surfing: The God of High School

One of the highly anticipated shows of the 2020 Summer Anime Lineup is The God of High School. The God of High School is based on the South Korean WEBTOON comic of the same name, created by Park Yongje, and the anime produced by the studio MAPPA, known for Kids on the Slope, Terror in Resonance, and Yuri on Ice to name a few.

Cover for "The God of High School" anime series

The God of High School is one of the very few, but growing titles you would call a Korean anime show, though through a collaboration with a Japanese animation studio and a US anime distribution platform. This is also one of the most talked about anime series that was teased by Crunchyroll’s slate of “Crunchyroll Original” titles earlier in 2020, along with the recently aired Tower of God anime, which is also a WEBTOON series from Korea. So, in the same tradition for someone who dabbles into the anime first before reading the manga, let’s check out the adaptation of the martial arts anime, The God of High School:

In the first episode, we see talks between those who look like persons of political ties, sitting on the beach and having the time of their life. One of the men is talking to a person who looks like he has… the upper hand.

Following their conversation with the politicians, the mysterious figure is seen simply slamming the palm of his hand on the desk. Next we know, the same politicians are nowhere to be found on the island… with the only trace left behind is an imprint… of a hand.

We are introduced to Jin Mori, who is having a dream back to his younger self, crying as his grandfather wishes him good luck on being able to go to school. Then he wakes up to reality… realizing he is late, going HAM on his bike to get to the tournament venue.

The participants of the tournament are introduced, and there are some who are just there to fill the plot. But there are some important names that may be relevant as the series progresses.

We are introduced to two supporting characters: Yoo Mira–who Mori literally runs into, breaking her glasses, as she gets slammed across the face with Mori’s bike. The other supporting character is Han Daewi, who is seen walking to his destination–as he stops a thief from stealing an elderly lady’s bag, with Mori and Mira originally chasing after them after the unfortunate encounter.

Mori, Daewi, and Mira against other tournament participants in "The God of High School" anime series
Besides Mori, Mira, and Daewi, we wonder if there’s more to these fighters than just being another participant…

And of course, it’s not a true martial arts anime when you have a familiar scene: there’s also a point where Mori has a “Goku Moment” and gets himself into trouble, all because he wants to go up against the strongest fighter in the tournament.

During a match, Mori Jin goes into the ring and interferes as he encounters Kang Manseok–while not only saving the opponent Manseok is brutally punishing, but to see how strong he really is. The tournament organizers do not like this, but they see this as an opportunity to unleash Mori’s potential.

One of the organizers recognizes Mori as they appear to have known his grandfather, and has even higher expectations for what is to come in the tournament. As Mori interfered with the previous match they can let him re-enter, on one condition…

Watching the first three episodes, I am excited and looking forward to what every new episode brings, which takes me back to the days of looking forward to a new episode of Dragon Ball Z way back in the day. I also managed to read a bit of the WEBTOON comic before the release of the anime series, and there are some variations of events like always when it comes to anime adaptations.

However, I am somewhat fortunate to not have gone too far into the WEBTOON to spoil the excitement. For now, I will prioritize the anime until the season finale where I’m ready for more in the interim as with last summer’s hit anime, Dr. Stone.

For those who have yet to check it out, there are four episodes currently available as of publication via Crunchyroll and on VRV, with new episodes due on Mondays @ 11:00 am US ET.

The God of High School – Episode 1

Check out Episode 1 of The God of High School for free on Crunchyroll


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