Centaku Media Journal: Episode #06

As we finally catch a break from all the excitement in the previous two episodes, we talk about the Life-sized Freedom Gundam being built in China, a mysterious Dragon Quest title to be announced in Shonen Jump, and fans of a globally popular (and probably obvious) K-Pop group appear to be defending their group a little too much. Sanjo-chan also talks about the results of the Community Poll for the next anime series to watch for a future podcast episode.

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Talking about SSAK3, I mentioned that their debut song “In Summer (여름안에서)” was a cover DEUX’s “Turn Around, Look at Me (나를 돌아봐)”, but it is actually of the song (“In Summer”) as originally performed by DEUX.


Extended Reading:

SSAK3 – In Summer (여름안에서) (Music Video)

DEUX – 여름안에서 (Music Video)

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