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A Passport from the United States 0

Centaku Media: South Korea Bound

I posted on my Twitter a while back of an acquisition of exciting proportions! It’s a key to an upcoming adventure coming later in 2019 that will change my life as I have made...

K-Pop Idol Criticized for “Promoting” Attack on Titan 0

K-Pop Idol Criticized for “Promoting” Attack on Titan

In South Korea, the nation’s up and coming idols are also big fans of Japanese anime. Case in point: Kang Hye Won of rookie girl group, IZ*ONE, who happens to be a big fan...

Channel Surfing: Flowering Heart 0

Channel Surfing: Flowering Heart

In a random quest to find Korean anime on YouTube at 3 AM, I came across this series called “Flowering Heart”. It’s probably what you think it is: a magical girl anime series–that tackles...