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Interesting Find: What If Jet Set Radio Was on the Nintendo Switch?

Another April Fools Day is done. While there are many convincing jokes for the day that comes once a year, there was one that really, really needs to come to reality. For those out of the loop–like 20 years behind–there was a game released for the Dreamcast called Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio in the US) in 1999. It’s one of those games that look bizzare if you look at it from far away. But in actuality, it will suck you in, and join the hundreds of thousands of fans that grew up Hummin’ The Baseline, and ask Sega everyday for a third game in the series, following Jet Set Radio Future that was released for the Xbox, right after the untimely discontinuation of the Dreamcast.

A Twitter account who goes by Professor K, the owner of, and named after the observer of events in the original game, released a video on April Fools Day that suggests a release of a Jet Set Radio Future port on the Nintendo Switch.

Sega has re-released Jet Set Radio several years back for almost every previous generation console, including smartphones. However, there has not been another wave of re-releases for the current generation, with the exception of the Steam version for the PC. Sega expressed interest in re-releasing Jet Set Radio Future, but it has yet to happen. Perhaps after seeing the reaction from fans after the release of the fan trailer, maybe it will happen?

Maybe Professor K works for Sega?


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