Centaku Media Journal: Episode #19

In this episode: A Kickstarter campaign for an old school Crunchyroll-inspired anime streaming server is suspended after criticism from members of the anime industries at home and abroad accuses the concept “a scam”, latest details for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming “Endwalker” expansion pack, and a member of an idol group resigns after concerns of gross fans.


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Interest Treasures: The Unusual Journey of Yang Joon Il

Many of you are probably into, or at least heard of, the latest K-pop acts such as BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and Stray Kids. But there is Yang Joon Il (Hangul: 양준일), a solo artist who made his debut at the very beginning of the 1990s, and who was largely ignored by the Korean media because of his approach to the norms of the era.


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Voting Opens for KupoCon’s “The Crystals” Award Event

The unofficial, fan organized Final Fantasy convention KupoCon is running an award event called “The Crystals“, where every aspect of the Final Fantasy franchise is voted upon by fans, which includes categories for events that have occurred at the actual KupoCon convention, which is held in various parts of North America and Europe.


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