Centaku Media Podcast – Episode #03: Let’s Talk About Conventions

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Since 2020 has put us in a situation where attending conventions is not possible due to the world’s current situation, let’s talk about conventions to kill the time until the fire that the year caused is put out. In this episode, Sanjo-chan talks about what it’s like attending conventions–whether it is an anime convention or a multifandom convention–and what to expect and what NOT to expect when attending them, as well as what to do and NOT do at conventions.

Listen to Episode #03: Let’s Talk About Conventions

Show Notes

Episode Topics

  • Who needs to go to conventions?
  • What activities are at conventions?
    • Con Volunteering and Staffing
      • What are the requirements of volunteering?
      • What are the expectations of volunteering?
      • What Goes Into Running a Convention?
    • The Do’s and Do Not’s of Conventions

Conventions Mentioned

Want to Learn More About Conventions?

Ask your question via the Contact form with the category “Podcast: Episode Questions” and it will be answered directly, as well in a form of a post and/or future episode!

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