Dragon Ball Super to Air on Toonami

Dragon Ball Super

In case you haven’t heard, Dragon Ball Super is officially licensed by FUNimation! Dragon Ball Super is the latest Dragon Ball series to air in Japan after the success of Battle of Gods, and Resurrection “F”. FUNimation announced in November that it has acquired American broadcasting rights, and also announced that it will air on Toonami on January 7th, 2017.

Leading up to the Toonami announcement, FUNimation has released a few clips featuring the English dub of Dragon Ball Super:

There is also a teaser of the airing of DBS on Toonami:

Prior to FUNimation’s license and dubbing announcement, Crunchyroll announced the addition of DBS to its streaming library, as well as Daisuki and FUNimation’s very own streaming platform, FUNimation Now. Let’s give the Z Team some support by streaming Dragon Ball Super legally!



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