#TBT: Memories of Final Fantasy XI – Nakashima of Remora (Part 1)

In the spirit of starting the new Eorza Journal series of my Final Fantasy XIV progression on YouTube, I’ve been looking back at my old posts on the old blog that were originally crossed-posted from my old Blogger account to CTM, and to be forever shared here on Centaku Media. This one in particular is a farewell post that was cross-posted for memories sake of the discontinuation of Nakashima of Remora after moving from Final Fantasy XI to World of Warcraft.

The End of NAKREM

This was originally posted on June 22nd, 2007

This is it. As of June 23, 2007, I will no longer update Nakashima of Remora. This is coming from a World of Warcraft player who is four levels away from being 70. I have lost interest of Final Fantasy XI.

Since I starting playing WoW, I have been posting on my new blog, just for World of Warcraft. Not much on there about my adventures, but it has alot of info I have discovered, playing as a Warlock.

I still look at the FFXI community, though I’m not a part of it anymore. Neat features have been added, plus a new expansion pack is coming soon. You can now trasfer characters to other servers, and you no longer need a world pass to get on a server chosen at random. That was a very good move made by Square-Enix, but it’s not enjoyable with the declining player base.

In closing: I wish the very best to new and current FFXI players. I have no plans to delete Nakashima. I may come back if they decide to change a feature that I will find better than WoW. However, in case of a Remora database crash and all players disappear from the world, or S-E decides to delete Nakashima, here is a little memorial for my favorite Red Mage Mithra…

Nakashima – RDM/BLM
January 2005 – November 2006

I will miss you.


Ugh! The feels!

While looking back, I also found a few posts that briefly chronicled my ill-fated attempt of getting RDM60/???30, especially this one involving a player who had unusual rules for his Linkshell (There is also a hint of a similar event happening while playing WoW, but that’s a story for another day…):

Getting Kicked for Unnecessary Reasons

This was originally posted on July 29th, 2007.

You recently joined a guild. Meeting all of the requirements. Especially being the key job for a difficult raid. Everyone likes you. You like them. Then, when you least expect it, they remove you from the guild for a pointless reason just to make themselves look good. You don’t know why. You did not break the rules. I’ve been on that road before…

It was two years ago. I joined a Linkshell from a guy who helped me on Bastok Mission 2-3. He seemed really nice. It was a Linkshell with a bunch of friends that he knew in real life or in-game. We talked for a while until I logged off for the night. It was a nice evening.

Two days later, I equip the Linkshell to see what was up. The LS leader and another member was online. After a while, I decided to switch Linkpearls to my best Linkshell to check what was going on with them. Nobody was on that Linkshell but a few of AFKers in bazaar mode. I switched back, and the leader was online again. Five minutes later, he asked a rather stupid question: “Where were you?” I responded to him with “I went to switched Linkpearls for a minute to see what was up.” He asked a few more questions that were unnecessary. When he finished asking, he responded: “Keep your Linkpearl equipped at all times. People will like you more.” The next thing I know, the Linkpearl next to my name had vanished! What the hell?

To be honest, kicking me for that reason was just plain stupid. I was so disappointed with his decision to kick me just like that. I bid him farewell in a tell, followed by a /blacklist add command. Another member was kicked thirty minutes before I was for the same reason, but I did not pay any attention to the detail of their conversation. If he wanted friends, he could have asked “{Can I Add You To My Friends List?}”

The Linkshell feature in Final Fantasy XI is designed where you can communicate with more than one group of people, than just one guild/clan in another game. I can’t help it if I had more than one Linkshell.

I was better off without him and his cult.

Lastly, here is another post of a Linkshell that I thought was a bit full of themselves–at least until someone indirectly pointed it out.

Elites, No Thanks

This was originally posted on July 29th, 2007.

I used to be in this Linkshell, which will remain nameless, but it had a white Linkpearl that was recognized through some parts of Vana’diel. It was a Linkshell for helping other people out, but to me (and an Elvaan player), it was just about becoming an elite player.

The way every talked in the Linkshell seems kind of weird. They would say something like “lool, I’m gonna be level 75!1!.” Well, not like that, but it really bugged me. I hesitated to ask for help from them, so I always went to TheTrueAlliance or waited until someone else shouted for the same thing I needed.

It was a month before I suddenly disappeared from Vana’diel when a new Elvaan member joined the LS. He happened to be right in front of me when I was hanging around Lower Jeuno. After some conversation with the sack holder and the regulars, the Elvaan said “Thanks for letting me join your LS, but I think it’s time to move on. Take care.” I think that was kind of rude, but after a while I realize why he left: He doesn’t want to hang around a bunch of elite wannabe noobs.

After I returned to the game, I thought it over and decided to drop the pearl and move on. Life has been wonderful with out these guys. They had probably broken up before I came back, but however, it’s best not to run into this Linkshell, even if they have regroup with another Linkshell. That goes for another LS with a bright yellow Linkpearl that had the same rep of this one, but worse. I started to join them, so I signed up on their website, but I remembered my experiences with the white-pearl LS, so I just abandoned it.

In the time spent playing Final Fantasy XIV, I have learned a few things: 1) Linkshells still exist, and it still serves it’s purpose for being equipped for whatever need necessary, and 2) there are also Free Companies, which are like guilds in WoW: but on steroids. Having taken an unexpected break from playing FFXIV, I have yet to see what else Free Companies (Free Company, or FC) are capable of, other than just doing a simple Google search. Although, 10 years later, I do not feel bad for putting that one guy on my blacklist because… seriously!?

Anyway… I am so ready to pick up FFXIV again and progress through Heavensward content–in before Stormblood. I hope to dig through more FFXI archives for another #TBT post soon!


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