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Centaku Media Journal: Episode #13 [S2E1]

Centaku Media Journal: Episode #13 [S2E1]

This thirteenth episode kicks off Season 2 of the Centaku Media Journal! In this episode, Sanjo-chan reflects of the what-ifs of the chaotic year that was 2020, and the brief but cautious wants for...

Centaku Media Journal: Episode #10

In this episode, I talk about the anime adaptation of Burn the Witch coming to Crunchyroll, Nintendo bids farewell to the 3DS, and a real-life giant, walking Gundam!

Centaku Media Journal: Episode #06

As we finally catch a break from all the excitement in the previous two episodes, we talk about the Life-sized Freedom Gundam being built in China, a mysterious Dragon Quest title to be announced...

Centaku Media Journal: Episode #05

Gamers got their share of new game and product announcements in the last episode. Now, anime fans get their time in the spotlight following the announcements from Anime Expo Lite and FunimationCon. Sanjo-chan also...