Centaku Media Journal: Episode #25 [S3E1]

We’re back for Season 3 of Centaku Media Journal, ready to catch up with the ever evolving world of anime, gaming, and much more! To kick off the season and this year, we’re recapping news stories we missed from 2021 and talk about what to look forward to in 2022!

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Centaku Media Journal: Episode #25 News & Show Notes

Top 5 Anime, Gaming, and Other Stories of 2021

Top 5 Media to Check Out in 2022

Mentioned in this Episode

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer

Ghost Doctor Teaser

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Sanjo (She/Her) is the founder of Centaku Media. Of course, Sanjo enjoys anime, as well as gaming. She also enjoys K-Pop and a little J-Pop here and there. In her spare time, she infiltrates the whereabouts of a huge flat-bed truck housing a Gundam.

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