How To: Add an Audio Spectralizer in OBS Studio

I previously wrote a blog post years ago where I showed those who would like to add an audio spectralizer in OBS Studio to include in their video projects, be it for YouTube, Twitch, or whatever media project they desire. While that solution called for the use of the long-beloved Winamp media player, I found a modern solution that works with a plugin specifically designed for OBS Studio!


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Let’s Play Series Project: Shenmue I

I’ve struggled for a long time on which game to choose for my first serious Let’s Play series for the channel on YouTube, and I finally figured it out. I choose a game that was near and dear to me back in the early 2000s that, if you think about it hard enough, is very underrated, despite a very successful Kickstarter campaign to develop a third sequel in the Sega RPG series that was thought lost to the vault next to Jet Set Radio. And that game is Shenmue.


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Let’s Play Series Project: Pokémon Sword – Endgame Battles

Today marks the release of an eight episode series chronicling the progress toward the final showdown with the Galar Champion, Leon, in Pokémon Sword, which is a first attempt at a Let’s Play format that will make or break upcoming projects for what’s left of a lost year that is 2020.


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Channel Surfing: Flowering Heart

The idea for this edition of Channel Surfing came as this: In a random quest to find Korean anime on YouTube at 3 AM, I came across this series called “Flowering Heart”. It’s probably what you think it is: a magical girl anime series–that tackles issues as such in 10 minutes every week.

Poster featuring characters of Flowering Heart

Each episode is roughly 12 minutes long, and there are two seasons of the show that began in 2016. It’s a Korean anime series targeted to “tweens”, as described in the description and video titles. What really caught my attention is that it has an English dub, which can be viewed right now on the series official YouTube channel.


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