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2020 in a Nutshell, According to Carole & Tuesday

If you can’t think of enough ways to tear 2020 a new one as we ring in 2021, let this clip from Carole & Tuesday sum up 2020 for everyone in the best way possible.

Back in early December, Anime Weekend Atlanta went digital with “AWA Online”, a three-day celebration of all things anime in the form of pre-recorded programming streamed on their Twitch channel in lieu of their traditional physical event on Halloween weekend. During their annual–temporarily digitized–Anime Hell panel, towards the end of the panel featured a clip with a caption basically explaining the upcoming clip that sums up what everyone thinks of 2020.

The following clip is from the Netflix-exclusive anime, Carole & Tuesday, where a trio of singers who go by “The Mermaid Sisters” sing a song called “F***ing Bull***” on an “Idol” styled audition show. The uncensored clip from the show can be watched following this link, as the video is age-restricted for obvious reasons. But here is a censored version for those who are short on time:

The judges were clearly not impressed, but we were! Screw off, 2020! 2021 is here to save us! And if you haven’t had enough summaries of 2020, check out 2020: The Anime.

Happy New Year from Centaku Media!


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