Interesting Find: 2020 – The Anime?

What is the best way to sum up how the year 2020 has been to us? Let’s turn it into a series of anime openings!

The year 2020 has been a very, very eventful year, and there are not enough words to describe just how eventful it was. Enter Luc on YouTube, who created not one, but four anime openings initially inspired by the opening of the Attack on Titan anime. This is all you need to retell the story of 2020.

A few anime series come to mind where it ended perfectly after just one season, but people ask for other projects around the show just to see how different things would have been if it didn’t end the way it did: Cowboy Bebop would be the top choice. But with 2020: The Anime, there should NOT be a sequel.

I heard the manga was pretty good, and the ending is a real game changer…

What do you think of these opening parodies? Be sure to check out Luc’s channel on YouTube for other “What If” anime opening theme parodies!

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  1. January 1, 2021

    […] The judges were clearly not impressed, but we were! Screw off, 2020! 2021 is here to save us! And if you haven’t had enough summaries of 2020, check out 2020: The Anime. […]

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