Invitation to the Official Centaku Media Discord Server

This is your invitation to join a small community of fellow readers, listeners, and viewers of the Centaku Media circle, or as I would like to begin calling, the: Centaku Nation. We now have an official Discord server that has been a few years in the making, and here’s what you can expect by joining the server.


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Episode Previews in Anime: Encouragement or Distraction?

In my attempts of binge watching anime series of new and old, I’ve learned a better way to get through a show without procrastinating on whether I should watch just one more episode to make it my fifth episode of the day. That is: omitting episode previews of the next episode.


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Interesting Find: The Mini-Guide for New Shitajiki Collectors

Collecting Shitajiki is a step forward in becoming an Otaku for life. Anime enthusiasts usually collect figurines created based on original or existing characters. For me, however, I take a different approach to collecting anime memorabilia. Shitajiki are pencil boards, like a clipboard–but without a clip, and with graphics. They are just like trading cards, but twice in size!

Author’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2008. I decided to give this post another life for anyone who is interested in collecting these. However, it’s been a minute since I’ve invested in them, but with having to republish this post, I just might give it another shot! Enjoy!


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#PoorSportsmanship: Weeaboo Stories, or: “How NOT to be an Otaku”

Note: This was originally written on September 21st, 2011 and is republished for archival purposes. By the time I posted this, the Tumblr account for Weeaboo Stories was taken down, likely for obvious reasons. This post originally included links to the account, but not even the Wayback Machine has them. So previously existing links will be highlighted in red for those who (whether it was for good or bad) missed out on the dark side of the fandom. Just imagine what went down in the broken links…


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Weekly Stream Notes: Issue #1

You’re reading the first edition of the Weekly Stream Notes, highlighting news and stream highlights every week during the livestreams on the Centaku Media channel on Twitch. The idea was inspired from the Weekly Minutes I wrote as Secretary in our local anime club, Scenic City Anime & More, and from the original blog series inspired from those minutes, The CEN.TAKU.ME Journal. With these minutes, it will help introduce Centaku Media to both readers and viewers, new and old, as well as helping myself in keeping up with the littlest things I said during a 3 hour broadcast.


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