Instagram of the Day: Greetings from MTAC!

I had a great time at MTAC last month! It was the first time attending MTAC in two years, the last one being MTAC Omega in 2012. I plan on re-posting my previous reports of MTAC, along with a few lost interviews. Until I find the time to do that, here is yours truly as Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, along with Simon from Durarara!!!

I was challenged by a friend and fellow cosplayer @hermes_cosplayer to do a closet cosplay. Which means I'm to do a cosplay I have a wig for, but for a character I haven't done or am working on. Yesterday for my Day 1 cosplay at MTAC, I found a character I have a wig for to cosplay as a character I haven't thought of doing in ages, but from an anime I have cosplayed from before–and an anime I've long neglected: Naruto's Kakashi Hatake! (with special guest Simon from Durarara) ^_^ The wig was originally for Hitsugaya from Bleach, and I already had the outfit from my costume of Iruka I did about five years ago. Although I didn't have the neck wrap until a couple of winters ago. ^^ #MTAC #Naruto #Cosplay #Durarara #LastMinuteCosplay

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