INTERESTING FIND: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” Multi-Holder Stand

Ah, Interesting Finds. One of my favorite features I like to write about. It’s basically an unboxing article of my recent purchases. Now that I’m making a comeback, I have more goodies I plan on showing off (including anything I find myself posting on Instagram). For the first comeback article under Interesting Finds is this Dragon Ball Z Multi-Holder Stand. It’s a stand you can put things on… on a picture of Vegeta.


I discovered this product on Tumblr via cowcat44 (NSFW advisory), who happens to be a fellow Vegeta fan. It’s in a line of merchandise related to the recent Dragon Ball Z movie, “Fukkatsu no F”, or “Resurrection F”. Reading the coverage of the movie on sources such as Anime News Network, it was likely that there were be special promotions for the movie, such as limited edition Dragon Ball Heroes cards and DLC codes for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but I didn’t think there would be anything like this. And it’s pretty cute. ^^


When I found this on eBay, it was advertised as a “smartphone holder”. That sounds about right.


This is what the the back of the packages describes of how you can utilize Vegeta’s face, along with the original full figure drawing of how Vegeta feels that you’re using his face to hang various objects! Just look at the irritation on his face!


Here’s Vegeta when I put my set of keys on the top of his head!


Here he his when I hang up my pair of Bluetooth headphones…


And my glasses! This is my favorite piece of memorabilia from the Dragon Ball franchise, and more so since it features the Prince of Saiyans! I’m really looking forward to Dragon Ball Super to see what other odd merchandise will follow! 😀


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