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Music Spotlight: Deavid Soul’s “Miller Boll Breakers”

For those who are fans of House music or something of the like, here is one that needs to be taken into consideration, especially if you ever owned a Sega Dreamcast. Back in 2008, I wrote about my discovery of an album from an artist(s) going by Deavid Soul, who was featured in the popular (and underrated) skating/graffiti tagging game, Jet Set Radio (originally known as Jet Grind Radio in North America).

Deavid Soul - Sparkling Music

The Jet Set Radio soundtrack itself includes dozens of amazing tracks, including a few from Deavid Soul, such as “Up-Set Attack“, “On the Bowl“, “Yappie Feet“, and the fan favorite, “Miller Boll Breakers” (which was originally called “Miller Ball Breakers” in the game). How did I find out about this, originally? I had a game-ripped version of “Miller Ball Breakers”, and going down memory lane, I decided to check to see if there was album art available. I could not help but squeal when the artwork appeared–meaning it was up for purchase!

At the time I wrote this, iTunes was the only store that had it available. About 12 years later, it’s still available, and even on Spotify for streaming. I totally recommend buying the album if you enjoyed every single minute of Jet Set Radio. Now, how about some Guitar Vader?


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