How To: Add an Audio Spectralizer in OBS Studio

I previously wrote a blog post years ago where I showed those who would like to add an audio spectralizer in OBS Studio to include in their video projects, be it for YouTube, Twitch, or whatever media project they desire. While that solution called for the use of the long-beloved Winamp media player, I found a modern solution that works with a plugin specifically designed for OBS Studio!


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How To: Increase the Dialog Box in Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

During my stream of Final Fantasy XIV, I had my annoyances of having to read the dialog text from far away playing the game on the Playstation 4, as my setup was me sitting near a bed where my TV is mounted, giving me no option to place a chair near the viewing area. The solution would be to make a place where I can place the screen in front of me in a traditional PC Gaming style setup. That’s easier said than done.


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Tutorial: Auron’s Katana from Final Fantasy X

The tutorial, or rather a walkthrough, is of the famous Katana held by the Legendary Guardian, Auron, from Final Fantasy X. This could be an entry in the #ThrowbackThursday series of posts, but it has not been published until today, and on a Friday. This was originally written in 2011, a year after I finished a cosplay project that was several years in the making back then, after completing the game in late 2003. Though I finished the costume literally 48 hours before MTAC in 2010 (the year which is known to many attendees as SwiMTAC), I had little time left to work on the prop beforehand. I needed at least two weeks to make it. In the end, it only took a week and a half to finish it, and two days of cutting it between letting the Liquid Nails dry between the dowel.

Profile of Auron from Final Fantasy X


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