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#TBT: “It’s Suicide Circle,” He Said…

– – – – – (Originally posted on April 18th, 2013) I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time. Since the majority of my posts focused on the bad and the ugly side of the fandom nearly two years ago, I wanted to wait a while until […]

One Punch Man’s Saitama Meets Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta

This is an interesting crossover of One Punch Man and Dragon Ball, which both happen to be a part of the “World’s Most Popular Manga” publication, Shounen Jump. However, unlike the One Piece x Dragon Ball crossover, Cross Epoch, this is not an official crossover–but a fan comic created by […]

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EVENT: Geek Chic Photoshoot @ Coolidge Park

On May 2nd (which happened to be Free Comic Book Day), there was a photoshoot at Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park called the Geek Chic Photoshoot, hosted Anime Blast Chattanooga and 50% Dangerous. The photoshoot is different from a cosplay photoshoot (though it was not discouraged), as the focus of the event […]

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#TBT: Interesting Find – Homemade Sushi

This post was written for the Japan Blog Matsuri, hosted by Deas over at Rocking in Hakata (Thanks!). The theme for February 2009’s issue was Foreign Foods, which can be read here.. – – – – – (Originally Posted on February 11th, 2009) After years of a personal debate on the thought of […]

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Instagram of the Day: Greetings from MTAC!

I had a great time at MTAC last month! It was the first time attending MTAC in two years, the last one being MTAC Omega in 2012. I plan on re-posting my previous reports of MTAC, along with a few lost interviews. Until I find the time to do that, […]

#TBT: The Char Aznable Credit Card

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Articles with “#TBT” are posts that have been rescued from CEN.TAKU.ME and are placed in a new home here on Centaku Media. Such posts are (obviously) posted Thursday. – – – – – (Originally posted on December 15th, 2008) I happened to stumble upon this while […]

I’M THE STRONGEST ON EARTH!! [Dragon Ball Xenoverse]

Did you know that I’m on Twitch? Since the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, I’ve been streaming Let’s Plays of the game on the channel. I’ve been a little out of the loop for a couple of weeks, but i’m trying to get myself hyped again (and for the eventual […]

Instagram of the Day: Saiyan Day

A lot of fans of the Dragon Ball franchise do not know this, but Saiyan Day–or “318の日” (318 no Hi/318 Day)–is a day culminated by followers of Dragon Ball based on the date date, March 18th.

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PREVIEW: Dragonball Z: Resurrection “F”

To kick off my return to blogging, let’s talk about the most anticipated anime movie of 2015. It is the fifthteenth movie in the Dragonball franchise: “Fukkatsu no ‘F’”, or “Resurrection of ‘F’”. Or “Resurrection ‘F’” as the official title outside of Japan. This is also the second Dragonball movie […]

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Hitting the Reset Button

Hello, everyone! This is Sanjo-chan! You may remember me from the CEN.TAKU.ME blog that has been running since 2007. It’s a blog I created to share everything I like that’s in realm of Japanese (and a little here and there in Korean) entertainment, with other like-minded readers. I welcome you to Centaku […]