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Community Update: End of the Month Recess

Hello everyone! I need to start making these posts more often for those that read the blog, and especially if they are not on any of the social media networks that we are on. So with that said, this week I will be posting the first and hopefully many updates as I will call these the Community Updates!

The biggest update, or not so big depending on how you see it, is that I will be taking a short break from writing content. For this week only, I am taking some time off to focus on other content outside of Centaku Media, but also to take care of myself. For the rest of the week, there will be content published on the blog that is already in queue, along with the corresponding social media posts for those that follow Centaku Media on those networks.

What this means is that I will not be actively writing content. If I have any ideas for a post, I will write them down and work on them in full the following week. This also means I will not be streaming on Twitch during this time.

The only thing I do have to work on that is related to Centaku Media is the podcast, in which two episodes will be due on September 30th: the monthly podcast episodes, and the tenth episode of the Journal. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, now it’s a good time to check it out! For platforms where you can listen to the show be sure to check out our podcast page.

Although this is not my idea, this idea was inspired from Free Anime Alliance on Twitter, where the community moderators have taken the last week of the month off to promote healthy habits. And we could all use a healthy habit right about now. I am really excited to be going on this mini break… although that means I will still have to work my day job.

That is all for this community update! Stay tuned for the posts scheduled for this week. If you are not subscribed to the blog, check out the Newsletter page to sign up via email for free!


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Sanjo (She/Her) is the founder of Centaku Media. Of course, Sanjo enjoys anime, as well as gaming. She also enjoys K-Pop and a little J-Pop here and there. In her spare time, she infiltrates the whereabouts of a huge flat-bed truck housing a Gundam.

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