Internet Woes at Centaku Media HQ

I had a masterplan for a comeback to Twitch streaming back in August, by streaming my late Season 11 progress in Overwatch, and also playing a few other games outside of Blizzard’s hit game. But September saw a couple of problems. One being of my convention prep for Anime Weekend Atlanta, and one being of an unfortunate problem.

About a week before AWA, I experienced drops in my Internet connection. At first, I thought it was because of the rainstorms we had (the two weeks before the additional storms we had in between Tennessee and Georgia), and it lasted a day before I noticed an improvement. So the next morning, I decided to play an unstreamed session of Overwatch… and got kicked off mid-game.

So I thought whatever was going on was fixed, as the storms were particularly heavy, and that the nearest terminal of our ISP–which rhymes with “MB&P(s)“–is regularly maintained, and not too long ago had a brush cleaning around the area. Another theory was that the modem was on its way of being a candidate of replacement–which I’ve notice on a timely schedule of every two years…

This is the third modem I’ve had since I’ve been a customer with MB&P(s)–back when they were MelNorth (I know these sound silly, but please play along). The first two modems would have unreachable configuration screens, possibly from a bugged firmware update… and after calling customer service–and having going through a spelling bee* to figure out what the heck is going on, they sent replacements.

*In one call, I had a tech support person talk me through going to different websites to see how the pages load as such: ‘you’re going to type in – “C” as in “Cat”, “N” as in Nathan, “N” as in “Norman”‘, and it was done with every website he talked me through. Clearly scripted. No one has time for that!

This time, I thought a bad modem was the case. So I called customer service, and connected with a tech person who was very helpful. However, the case this time involved a service issue in the residence…

That means I have to schedule a technician to come out and see what’s going. But, to be honest… I’d rather switch ISPs. It should have been done a long time ago. Though considering my troubles during the past 4 years, the thought of moving my service was the least thing on my mind. As a member of the third-shift workforce–and financially recovering from taking a week off from work in a post-convention environment, for the sake of mentality–the option of switching services is on hold until later in October.

So in TL;DR fashion: my Internet sucks and I need money to get someone better. No worries, though. I don’t need any kind of financial help–though it would help and be appreciative. It’s just going to be at least two more weeks with a faulty connection, which I can still watch YouTube and Netflix, miraculously with the occasional drops. But it would be in bad taste–and annoying–to stream on an unstable connection.

So until further notice, no Twitch streams. I apologize for the inconvenience! Especially to those who are looking to build a Twitch following, including myself. However, with a new, faster ISP service means an exciting future for Centaku Media. Stay tuned! Follow us on Twitch at!

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    […] which concluded at the end of August. Then I was sidetracked by con preparation in September, and Internet issues in October. Now that a lot of the issues are out of the way, there’s still a lot to do in […]

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