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Music Spotlight: Neru – Whatever Whatever Whatever

Here is something a little different that requires me to feature this as a Music Spotlight post, and one that features another VOCALOID song, because there isn’t enough on this blog–and some gems I have yet to discover to share with everyone! This one I came across while I was browsing around on Pixiv in the Pokémon Sword & Shield tags, an entry from what looks like to be an animation featuring the Gym Leaders Raihan (Kibana/キバナ) and Piers (Nezu/ネズ).

Raihan/Kibana and Piers/(Nezu from Pokémon Sword/Shield
Raihan (Kibana/キバナ) and Piers (Nezu/ネズ) from Pokémon Sword/Shield

Pixiv artist Dodokka posted this fan animation on Niconico Douga as well as on YouTube, called “Whatever Whatever Whatever” (“I~ya I~ya I~ya!”/”い~やい~やい~や”) that puts Raihan and Piers in the spotlight:

It didn’t make sense at first, but it did after finding out it’s based on a VOCALOID song by Neru & z’5 featuring Ren and Lin Kagamine of the same title. The song may relate to many people, which talks about one being the “lower class” citizen, looked down upon for not adhering to the style standards of the modern era, and the person in question looking at it from a far, saying “whatever”. Also known as: a definition of a NEET.

If you’ve been following the latest generation of the Pokémon franchise, it’s perfect song for these two–especially for the shippers: Raihan seems to get demotivated easily if he loses a battle, so he lays in bed and resorts to using his phone to kill time; Piers likes to do things the old fashioned way by refusing to Dynamax his Pokémon, and hailing from a town that is run down and happy the way it is.

Check out the original song:


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