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Music Spotlight: Taeyang – Wedding Dress

I normally cover songs you may not have heard of before, or rather ones that fall in the indie spectrum, and general obscurity. But this one is a good candidate for those who have just gotten into K-Pop, especially in the current BTS era (or Generation 3, for a veteran such as myself–more to come in another post). One of my favorite K-Pop groups is BIGBANG, which I’ve followed since their debut, and one of the members is Taeyang who released one of his memorable solo singles of his career in 2009.

Wedding Dress, if someone not familiar with K-Pop heard this, they would think it’s another track by American R&B artist Ne-Yo. Written by Teddy Park of 1TYM fame, It’s a style right up Taeyang’s alley, in which he composed the song along with Teddy, as the soulful member of BIGBANG. It was released on his first studio album, Solar, in 2010.

The album was also released with International promotions in mind: enter “Solar International” edition, with an English version of Wedding Dress on the release. The original release was well received in North America, where the single reached the Top 3 on the US iTunes R&B/Soul album chart.

Taeyang was the first Asian music artist to accomplish this, and it was also the beginning of the efforts of YG Entertainment (along with the other two of the “Big 3”, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, circa 2010) to bring BIGBANG as a whole around the world, where the band visited North America in 2012 for their Alive World Tour; a tour I got to see personally as my first ever K-Pop concert.


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