Music Spotlight: Top 5 Favorite Anime Opening & Ending Themes

I originally drafted this article years ago for the old blog, finding the original .txt file in the depths of my Dropbox folders. This is a list, in no particular order, of my Top 5 Favorite Anime Opening and Ending Theme Songs.

These are Opening and Ending themes to anime series that I grew up with in the era of the early 2000s–the golden years of the anime fandom in North America. If you have recently got into anime, or rather… within the 2010s, these songs may sound unfamiliar. But now you are about to find out the best Opening and Ending songs that will make you want to add more anime to your never ending watchlist!

The original list included a few songs that originally had a video upload, but of course they are no longer available on YouTube. (Hooray for the limitation of Japanese music, even through legal means!) So I decided to change it up to a few that do have music videos or lack thereof.

Asian Kung Fu Generation – Rewrite (Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) OP #4)


Flow – DAYS (Eureka Seven OP #1)

Flow is the same group who did “GO!!” for the fourth opening theme of Naruto. A very different song from them as the first Eureka Seven opening. 

T.M. Revolution – Heart of Sword (Rurouni Kenshin ED #3)

The third ending theme to Rurouni Kenshin. “Heart of Sword” is TMR’s most notable song of his career, and one that got me into more of TMR’s works.

Do as Infinity – Deep Forest (Inuyasha ED #2)

Deep Forest–or “Fukai Mori”–is the second ending theme to the Inuyasha anime, or should it be “anthem” for the series as a whole?

I hope you enjoyed this post. I do plan on writing more of these in the future with songs from more recent anime titles. Which one of these were your favorite? Sound off in the comments!

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