Interesting Find: The Mini-Guide for New Shitajiki Collectors

Collecting Shitajiki is a step forward in becoming an Otaku for life. Anime enthusiasts usually collect figurines created based on original or existing characters. For me, however, I take a different approach to collecting anime memorabilia. Shitajiki are pencil boards, like a clipboard–but without a clip, and with graphics. They are just like trading cards, but twice in size!

Author’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2008. I decided to give this post another life for anyone who is interested in collecting these. However, it’s been a minute since I’ve invested in them, but with having to republish this post, I just might give it another shot! Enjoy!


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Interesting Find: The Mega Mac and Grand Mac

This was originally published on February 17th, 2008.

Behold! The Mega Mac! It’s a bigger version of McDonald’s famous “Big Mac” Sandwiches–and it’s only available in Japan. Looking at this makes me hungry. Eating this would probably make you full for a few days! Don’t think that it will be coming to the US, or anywhere else soon. I can just see all the lawsuits…


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Interesting Find: Cooking With Ignis Scientia

It’s been almost two years since the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV, and while the hype has died down a bit–only to be revived any day now, with the upcoming Winter 2019 release of the Season 2 DLC–fans who are starving for more Final Fantasy XV content can whip up the game’s 110+ dishes, served by Ignis Scientia.


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