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“We Need A Healer!” – #PoorSportsmanship

In the mid-2000s, before I launched the original Centaku Media blog, I used to highlight horrible players for the pettiest things done upon unsuspecting players, including getting kicked from a Linkshell in Final Fantasy XI because of “spies”, and myself getting told I needed to heal more, playing a level 20 Red Mage, from a Monk player of the same level, getting removed from the party immediately after announcing I had to log off for the day.

In the time since, many game companies have announced efforts to curb toxicity in many of their hit games, such as League of Legends and Overwatch, and more recently Final Fantasy XIV. After relaunching Centaku Media, I’ve struggled as to whether to return to my “roots” of doing such a thing. While I do not like to encourage witch hunts of sorts, it has to be known of what the offending player did, because they can easily get away with their actions due to the fact that they are hiding behind a fictional 3D character with a name (and behavior) that one does not use in the real world when applying for a job, or buying a car.

Today’s offender is this Junkrat player on Overwatch’s PS4 servers, during a No Limits match in Arcade Mode. There were a few Junkrat players, including myself, along with another DPS and a Tank. While others switched heroes throughout a close game–in which we ended up winning–I stuck with my Junkrat, in which I got Play Of The Game during this particular match. The offending Junkrat player spammed “We Need a Healer!” throughout the game of Control. Even using the emote to lay down in the spawn room…

In the past, it was a second thought of getting screenshots to witness toxicity with other readers. In efforts to fine tune my capture device to use during Twitch broadcasts on the channel, and to make gaming Let’s Play series in the future, I decided to record my shenanigans playing Overwatch for sharing outside streaming events. This was a perfect opportunity to share this cringe moment of sportsmanship.


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