Anti-Geeks vs. Con Attendees

This is something that actually happened to me a few months ago at a convention, where it seemed the “victims”–the “Anti-Geeks”–were against those who were having fun while the victims themselves–con attendees–were having an event in the same building.

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How NOT to Become an Anti-Geek to Con Attendees

The Saturday night of the convention, there was a fundraiser gala going on at the other end of the convention center where the anime convention was being held, like it’s always been for the past five years. As the gala attendees made their way to the event, they gave the anime con attendees “the look”. It’s that one stare you see older, closed minded Anti-Geeks give to someone who is doing something out of the ordinary. For example: a mean-spirited 65-year-old man giving the stink eye to a 25-year-old cosplayer, who happens to be well respected in the community, and makes a living paying not only for their utility and other living expenses, but to make himself and other people happy.

I was with my friend that night, who was wearing a cute hamster Kigurumi, while I was being myself, wearing my favorite convention shirt and my favorite K-Pop hat. As we saw the dapper individuals walking towards their room, my friend asked a couple what was going on.

Friend: “Excuse me, but what is this event that is going on?”

[Wife appears startled, husband steps in front of her and asks “I beg your pardon?”]

Friend: “Oh–well, I was just curious as to where this group was heading…”

Wife: “It’s a fundraiser gala for [ORGANIZATION REDACTED].”

Friend: “I see. Well you two have a wonderful night!”

After they walked away, we continued to get looks from the dapper group, as well as a snooty “Oooh, scary!” from another passerby.

We commented on how the group was being rude, as well as one person–who appeared to be a part of the event’s security staff–who came up to use the phone without pardoning himself, as he seemed to be distressed from seeing the anime con attendees.

Thanks For Reminding Us What Time It Is, Ma’am

A few hours later, a little past midnight, my friend and I return to our hotel room and we started talking that escalated into playful shouting and laughing, trying not to be terribly loud…

We hear a knock at the door. I go see who it was, thinking it was our roommates. Instead, there’s a very mean looking older woman.

“Do you know what time it is?!”

She goes back into her room, slamming the door.

Well, that was enough to keep us quiet, but the rest of the night we couldn’t help but sneer towards her door because of her kindly reminder that it was still early in the night.

Everyone who was part of the room talked about it at breakfast, how everyone who was part of the gala was being so hostile towards us anime con attendees.

So I know it was a little late for us to do what we did, but she could have been nice about it, regardless of how tired she was. She was NOT friendly to where it seems she kept her miserable disposition no matter what time it is. If it was just a “excuse me, but I can hear you from my room. I was wondering if you could keep it down a little,” that would have been A LOT better, and I would not have been documenting this.

But I wonder… why is it that people like the ones from this group act so rude towards others who are into multifandom interests? This dates back to when I went to my very first Anime Central 12 years ago, when my mother asked an older man (clearly not part of the ACEN demographic) where the gaming room was, only to get a rough, don’t-bother-me “What?!

Have you had unfortunate encounters with such people? If so, how did you deal with it? Let us know in the comments!


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