5 Reasons Why Gundam is Serious Business

In the past, I’ve been very vocal about my appreciation of the Gundam franchise. I was even invited to run a panel for our anime club back in 2009, inspiring a conversion into a three-part blog series on the how and why of Gundam; with recommendations of which Gundam TV […]

Eorzea Journal: 3 FFXIV Shortcuts Not Everyone Knows About

I have been personally playing Final Fantasy XIV since 2015, although there have been a few occasions where I went a year or two without a sub until 2020 where I finally caught up with all of Shadowbringers. These years later and there are a few other things I’m still […]

Channel Surfing: Valkyria Chronicles (TV Anime)

The following post was originally written in April 2009 as a First Impression post. However, it has been republished as a Channel Surfing post that fits into the brand of the blog series. Enjoy! I recently finished watching the first episode of another series that is on the Spring 2009 […]

Channel Surfing: Classroom of the Elite

I recently finished watching an anime series called Classroom of the Elite. It was an anime series recommended last year on Twitter through the Free Anime Alliance. When I saw the visual art for this show, I thought it was going to be something like Danganronpa or Assassination Classroom. But […]

Streaming on Twitch: July 2021

When there is nothing to talk about on this blog, you can watch what’s going on by checking out the Centaku Media channel on Twitch! With another game completed, we’re going to go in another game that been on my mind for a long time from the Persona game series.

Streaming on Twitch – March 2021

I’ve been working in the back of the blog improving the Livestreams page. The page is where you can find the current Twitch schedule for all your gaming needs! It was originally all on the panels on the Centaku Media page on Twitch, but I’m on a information diet to […]