In Pictures: 90s KPOP Superstars Concert

On October 29th, 2015, Star1 Entertainment held the 90s KPOP Superstars Concert in the Metro Atlanta area at Wild Bill’s nightclub (now known as Atlanta Coliseum) in Duluth, GA, which was a surprise treat (pun intended because of the eve Halloween Eve) for K-Pop fans who live in the Southeast.

Music Spotlight: Mai Kuraki – Stepping Out

This is a throwback post from December 2012 featuring Mai Kuraki (倉木麻衣). This a refresher for me after discovering her album again from a vendor several years ago at MTAC Omega, and getting lost in the Hallyu Wave. Returning to my J-Pop roots, I talked about what makes her different […]

Metrotham Con Goes Virtual + Outdoor Vendor Event

2020 is known as the year without conventions or any events to attend due to COVID-19 concerns. A lot of well known conventions such as MomoCon, Anime Expo, and now soon to be Anime Weekend Atlanta are hosting digital events in lieu of their traditional physical conventions. Metrotham Con is […]

What is the Best Anime Convention?

Declaring an anime convention the “Best Anime Convention” can go based on certain situations. That can be geographic location, experiences, and guests. This is a question asked in many communities, especially for those who have yet to go to an anime convention.

Winners of KupoCon’s “The Crystals” Awards

This past summer the Final Fantasy convention ran by fans, for fans, KupoCon, announced an awards event called “The Crystals”, awarding the best of the Final Fantasy franchise in various categories. The nominees were selected and voted upon where the final winners was selected early in October.

Channel Surfing: 2020 Fall Anime Lineup

Autumn is upon us, and it’s that time of the year where we grab a cup of your favorite fall drink after enjoying a comfortable, beautiful day outside, and tune in the next anime from the 2020 Fall Anime Lineup.

Let’s Play Series Project: Shenmue I

I’ve struggled for a long time on which game to choose for my first serious Let’s Play series for the channel on YouTube, and I finally figured it out. I choose a game that was near and dear to me back in the early 2000s that, if you think about […]

Interest Treasures: The 5 Best Dragon Ball Videos on YouTube

This is another entry into a new series called “Interest Treasures”, where I highlight something that not many people know about within a fandom–that even the fandom doesn’t know about–within a geeky–or for the sake of this blog: an Otaku interest. The first entry in the tag, I highlighted a […]

Community Update: End of the Month Recess

Hello everyone! I need to start making these posts more often for those that read the blog, and especially if they are not on any of the social media networks that we are on. So with that said, this week I will be posting the first and hopefully many updates […]

Recap Throwback: Anime Weekend Atlanta 15

The following is a republication of a recap of my first Anime Weekend Atlanta in attendance! It was originally published following the convention in 2009. Since we’re in a situation where there are no cons to attend, unless virtually, in 2020, I figured this would be a good opportunity to […]