Interesting Find: Cooking With Ignis Scientia

It’s been almost two years since the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV, and while the hype has died down a bit–only to be revived any day now, with the upcoming Winter 2019 release of the Season 2 DLC–fans who are starving for more Final Fantasy XV content can whip up the game’s 110+ dishes, served by Ignis Scientia.


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Vlog: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Today marks a history in the making for Centaku Media, with the first ever post-convention vlog! Anime Weekend Atlanta was held this past weekend, and I recorded and uploaded a vlog on our YouTube channel talking about my experience at my 8th AWA convention, and on the event’s 24th year! Please check it out!


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Interesting Find: Anime Weekend Atlanta Swag – Part 1

Day 3 of Anime Weekend Atlanta is underway, and there’s more in store for the weekend. This is my conservative approach of my purchases this year, as far as dealers room finds are concerned. But until I find something else that catches my eye, it’s on to Artist Alley!

Additional swag under the cut…


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