Tutorial: Auron’s Katana from Final Fantasy X

The tutorial, or rather a walkthrough, is of the famous Katana held by the Legendary Guardian, Auron, from Final Fantasy X. This could be an entry in the #ThrowbackThursday series of posts, but it has not been published until today, and on a Friday. This was originally written in 2011, a year after I finished a cosplay project that was several years in the making back then, after completing the game in late 2003. Though I finished the costume literally 48 hours before MTAC in 2010 (the year which is known to many attendees as SwiMTAC), I had little time left to work on the prop beforehand. I needed at least two weeks to make it. In the end, it only took a week and a half to finish it, and two days of cutting it between letting the Liquid Nails dry between the dowel.

Profile of Auron from Final Fantasy X


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Epik High at their Atlanta leg of their 2015 North American tour.

The 24 K-Pop Concerts I Attended in the 2010s

Back in February 2018, I made a personal accomplishment by attending 20 K-Pop concerts since 2012. The first K-Pop concert I ever attended was BIGBANG‘s first world tour, held at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Since then, a close friend made it an effort to attend as many K-Pop concerts as physically and financially possible. Even if it’s not “In Your Area”.


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Instagram of the Day: Daft Punk Cosplay @ Hamacon Mini

I went to Huntsville, AL, to attend the annual day con event held by Hamacon. I had lots of fun, and it’s what you would expect at a day con. Since 2018 is winding down, it is probably the last con for the year for myself before the holiday rush. I only took a few pictures, but I really had to share this one on Instagram of these awesome Daft Punk cosplayers:


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Interesting Find: Cooking With Ignis Scientia

It’s been almost two years since the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV, and while the hype has died down a bit–only to be revived any day now, with the upcoming Winter 2019 release of the Season 2 DLC–fans who are starving for more Final Fantasy XV content can whip up the game’s 110+ dishes, served by Ignis Scientia.


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