The Seoul Searching Chronicles: Dongdaemun & Lotte World

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Welcome to part five of The Seoul Searching Chronicles! Today we highlight our last day in Seoul with a trip to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, and Lotte World–which is said to be the Six Flags Theme Park of South Korea.

We kicked off our last day emerging from the subway to the bustling area of Dongdaemun, which also houses many street vendors, and the interestingly designed Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which is home to many modern design exhibits when it comes to architecture and fashion. (It even as a SMTOWN store located on the second floor, which totally caught us off guard!)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

When we got there, we saw an exhibit on many architecture efforts not just in Korea, but around the world. We were recommended this place by a friend of ours who visited here while he was attending university in Germany for Architecture studies. The price of admission was not bad which was less than $15, compared to nearly double you may find for a museum in the US.

After spending more money at the SMTOWN store and visiting the exhibit, we made our way back to our hotel in Myeongdong for lunch and to charge our phones before we headed over to Lotte World for the evening to end our trip.

We were greeted by a massive campus of everything under the Lotte brand, including a department store and a mall within proximity of the subway.

We finally made to Lotte World, which is an indoor park as well! The price to get in was about $37 USD for an evening admission, which is not bad. However, we found ourselves inconvenienced by the pay-per-ride model used for some of their rides, which was no more than $10 USD.

A view from inside Lotte World

One of the rides we got on that was free with admission was a steampunk themed 4D ride, which was a lot of fun. We also couldn’t help but be amused by this sign that suggests to keep ALL belongings with you and out of danger during the ride…

After the ride, we went on another one that told of the legacy of Sinbad, which is an entry-level water ride, but nowhere with the intensity of Splash Mountain for the sake of reference.

Night has fallen at this point, and after leaving the ride we make our way to the Magic Island, which, from afar, is the close as you’re going to get to Disney World in South Korea.

The closer we got to the island, the more “scary” it got. I was asked if Halloween is acknowledged in South Korea, and boy, is it ever!

Everyone was in the halloween spirit, even cosplaying as vampires and anything else you can think of that was scary. However, we didn’t spend too much longer at the park as it got very overwhelming due to the crowds. There was a mass exodus of students, where they were starting their weekend on a high note as the evening progressed. We went after 4 PM, when it was discounted, but we had limited choices so late in the day with squeezing in last minute attractions around Seoul for our last day in the country.

That wraps up our last day for our week in Seoul! Thank you for reading up to this point! While this ends the recap of our trip, there will be additional posts with thoughts of the trip, and bonus contents that didn’t make it to SNS or the entire series!

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