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The Seoul Searching Chronicles: N Seoul Tower

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series The Seoul Searching Chronicles

Welcome to the third part of the Seoul Searching Chronicles, highlighting my first ever visit to Seoul, South Korea, and it’s many surroundings in a week’s time. In this post, I highlight our visit to Namsan Village, also known as Namsamgol Hanok Village, as well as the famous Namsan Tower, now known as N Seoul Tower.

We got a little lost (again) finding the entrance to the village, where we eventually found a south gate entrance, which was perfect for this view of Namsam Tower in the distance. The park itself was very pretty, especially which happened to fall on Hangul Day, a national holiday in South Korea. There is also a time capsule located at the park that was buried in 1994 and to be opened in 2394.

We stumbled upon the village, which is connected to the park, where we found some holiday-related events underway amid the usual village activities.

After a brief exploration in the village, we made our way to the Seoul Tower through way of cable car, which was around 10,000 won (approximately $9 USD) for a round trip ticket. For those who want to save money and feeling up for the challenge, and prefer the more scenic route, there are also stairs that lead all the way up to the observation deck and event square area. Traveling for cable car is not terribly expensive, and you get to see the expanse of the neighborhood and the surrounding mountains and forests


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We decided to, or rather–made the slight mistake to–take the steps down to see if there was anything of interest to see on the way to the deck. About a two minute walk leads you to this area where you get a view of the region. We went further down, thankfully not by a lot, to figure out that it leads to the bottom to the cable car entrance.

When we made our way to the observation deck, we saw this awesome room with abstract art projected on the walls.

The observation deck included a gift shop and a cafe, as well as an all around view of Seoul along with reference points of which direction a city is in the world from the tower.

Between our trek to the deck, we found an event square where some of the Hangul Day events were underway. There was not much going from when we went inside, but by the time we were to make our way back to our hotel, there would be something cool to see!

Stay tuned for Part 4 of The Seoul Searching Chronicles, featuring our return to the COEX Mall for an adventure under the sea!


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