Music Spotlight: Taeyang – Wedding Dress

I normally cover songs you may not have heard of before, or rather ones that fall in the indie spectrum, and general obscurity. But this one is a good candidate for those who have just gotten into K-Pop, especially in the current BTS era (or Generation 3, for a veteran such as myself–more to come in another post). One of my favorite K-Pop groups is BIGBANG, which I’ve followed since their debut, and one of the members is Taeyang who released one of his memorable solo singles of his career in 2009.


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[Community Poll] Series Recommendations – Anime Edition

So many shows, so little time! With the inception of the Centaku Media Podcast, I figured this would be a good place to start where I can verbally discuss details of an anime series I’ve waited until–whenever it is decided–to watch. There are many lists out there of good anime recommendations, but I don’t know where to begin! I have a long list of anime that I’ve put “On Hold” or “Plan to Watch” on my personal MyAnimeList account, and some that have come out in recent years that sound interesting–but only makes my backlog worse.


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Music Spotlight: Cross Gene’s “La-Di Da-Di”

The next song in Music Spotlight is from Cross Gene, where how I found out about them is interesting through word of mouth. Not many people will understand it, but this is something that makes sense within my circle of friends. Even if it doesn’t make sense, it’s definitely a very catchy song to listen to on regular rotation.


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DJ TECHNORCH – My Gabber is your Gabba [Music Spotlight]

It was about two years ago I had a sudden urge to immerse myself with techno music in the style of J-Hardcore–or for a point of reference: in the style of a few tracks from the soundtrack of Ridge Racer on the Playstation back in 1994. Enter DJ TECHNORCH.


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Flamingosis – Gucci Gang (Future Funk Remix) [Music Spotlight]

I’ve been wanting to write something about Future Funk for a while, although I’ve managed to write about it here and there in a few posts on the blog. However, I figured this song would be a good quick introduction into the music genre that only netizens only understand. Enter the “fan” remix of “Gucci Gang” by Lil’ Pump from Flamingosis.


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Music Spotlight: Deavid Soul’s “Miller Boll Breakers”

For those who are fans of House music or something of the like, here is one that needs to be taken into consideration, especially if you ever owned a Sega Dreamcast. Back in 2008, I wrote about my discovery of an album from an artist(s) going by Deavid Soul, who was featured in the popular (and underrated) skating/graffiti tagging game, Jet Set Radio (originally known as Jet Grind Radio in North America).


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Music Spotlight: Shing02’s “Ultimate High”

Bringing back an old post from the early days of the “Ni-Ongaku Spotlight” for the newer audience under Music Spotlight. We take a look at this video of Shing02, and the music video of his single, “Ultimate High”. Shing02 is a Japanese indie Hip-Hop artist who has provided music for the soundtrack for the anime Samurai Champloo, along with the late Nujabes.


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Music Spotlight: Neru – Whatever Whatever Whatever

Here is something a little different that requires me to feature this as a Music Spotlight post, and one that features another VOCALOID song, because there isn’t enough on this blog–and some gems I have yet to discover to share with everyone! This one I came across while I was browsing around on Pixiv in the Pokémon Sword & Shield tags, an entry from what looks like to be an animation featuring the Gym Leaders Raihan (Kibana/キバナ) and Piers (Nezu/ネズ).


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