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Channel Surfing: Flowering Heart 0

Channel Surfing: Flowering Heart

In a random quest to find Korean anime on YouTube at 3 AM, I came across this series called “Flowering Heart”. It’s probably what you think it is: a magical girl anime series–that tackles...


Tiger & Bunny – Review

This review of Tiger & Bunny was originally written on October 28th, 2011. There was originally two posts, one with my initial impressions, and a final review after the series finale. However, both posts...


My Hero Academia – Review

I’m excited to bring you the first brand new anime review since the blog relaunch, and one of the world’s latest series, My Hero Academia. After witnessing a huge gathering of My Hero Academia...


Fall 2018 Anime Lineup

If I’m posting what’s happening in the current season’s anime lineup, then it means that I have really returned… in before adult responsibilities! Anyway, this is the first Anime Lineup I’ve talked about since...

Dragon Ball Super to Air on Toonami 0

Dragon Ball Super to Air on Toonami

In case you haven’t heard, Dragon Ball Super is officially licensed by FUNimation! Dragon Ball Super is the latest Dragon Ball series to air in Japan after the success of Battle of Gods, and...

Interview: Eric Stuart @ MTAC Goes to 11 0

Interview: Eric Stuart @ MTAC Goes to 11

This was supposed to be uploaded WAY after I attended MTAC 2011 in Nashville, TN. Due to the devastating storms a few days after returning in Chattanooga in April 2011, everything was pushed aside;...