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Today I am announcing a slightly different approach to delivering content on the blog side of things, leading to the creation of the “Commentary” category. With the formal introduction of this category, I am using WordPress’ “Aside” post format, differentiating and allowing me to post content with a short-form, Tumblr-style approach. This allows myself to be more personal with my content, instead of holding myself back and putting off other posts for later in order to meet my personal requirements of a certain amount of words for quality posts–which is still my goal moving.

Also by doing this, it allows me to pursue individual posts in the nature of the CEN.TAKU.ME Journal that I used to do several years back, highlighting at least 3 posts of the latest news in the anime industry. This also allows me to touch on “mini reviews” of single anime episodes or manga chapters: I’ve mentioned this in a status linking to a post of last month’s chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga on the Facebook page. You can get an idea of how I approach it, reading my brief commentary of DBS Chapter 56 here. By the time you read this, check out the new Commentary category here of established posts meeting the requirement. Yay for productivity! 😀

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