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The Housework 3 Step Challenge – Dragon Ball Super Style

If you’re like me and your life is in perpetual chaos, then you might want to sit down and consider possible solutions to make life easier all around when it comes to performing housework. Let’s say you’re a part-time employee, you work only up to six hours a day, maybe more if there’s a lot to be done, then you come home and suddenly don’t feel like doing things for yourself, which actually can set you up for disaster later on. And by later on, I mean minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years.

I am guilty of all the above. I can’t find A because B was in the way of C. Or I didn’t do D because I had E to do. Was that situation necessary? It could have been avoided if I had acted upon them in the first place. But there are also the days where you happen to get yourself into commitments that you can’t back out of.I had an “ah-ha!” moment when I recalled an episode of Dragon Ball Super, Episode 18, when Vegeta takes up training with Whis. Normally, Vegeta trains with pure strength by using the Gravity Chamber, or spending a year in the Room of Spirit and Time (if we go by Z standards), aka “The Hyperbolic Time Chamber.” However, Vegeta trained by performing ordinary housework!

“Who said this was training? It’s merely… Ordinary housework!” – Vegeta, Dragon Ball Super, Episode 18

When Goku found out Vegeta was training, he wanted to know how his training was being applied. After finding out, Goku was surprised and seemingly not too thrilled about the approach, since Chi-Chi puts him to housework duties at every opportunity against his will.To sum it up: Vegeta wants to get stronger, so in theory if he does chores around the house, he improves his discipline, which can be applied to other situations such as fighting. Well, that’s how I see it, at least! But in other words, if I perform the smallest things around the house–even if it takes 5 minutes–I don’t have as many annoyances or unavoidable situations in the future, as well as being a better person!

So here is what I am doing to prepare myself for the minutes, days, weeks, months, and years ahead when I feel the need to catch up without really trying.

Performing Housework for 5 Minutes a Day

You don’t have to spend a whole day cleaning a single area, if you can’t help it. If you’re older, I’m sure you were told to clean your room against your will, and at a bad time. While there was a reason you were told this, there could have been a way to tackle housework in increments, instead of at once. If you do it all day, you are very likely to get burned out. But if you take only a few minutes a day, maybe 15 minutes a few times throughout the day, to straighten up an area of your space, then you can conquer the time ahead, and to prevent clutter or other issues in the future!

Preparing Meals for Days

One overlooked task when it comes to housework is Meal Prep, which is one of my favorites… and one that I really need to keep up with on a weekly basis. If you prepare for a meal for the next week, even months, you can save a lot of time and money (and your figure) by not going out to fast food places, or dining out, even if it’s that one time a week. This can be achieved by reading up on interesting recipes, watching YouTube videos, and investing in storage containers for that upcoming meal that will be a return investment by avoiding eating out. (Speaking of which, you should check out this fan created cookbook featuring recipehs inspired by the dishes cooked by Ignis Scientia in Final Fantasy XV!)

Weekly Outfit Planning

If you find yourself struggling to find clothes for the upcoming workday, consider planning out a whole week’s worth of outfits. What I normally do is wash my clothes once a week (or twice, depending on what time of the year it is) and plan out the workweek as I take my clothes out of the dryer and put them away where they need to be. If you have a used area in your closet, or a separate drawer for clothes, store your planned clothes as a weekly outfitter section. If you get the hang of it, you might not need to do this and will have a mental blueprint of what to wear this week!

Reward Yourself!

When you’re done, celebrate by enjoying your favorite treat, watching the latest episode of your favorite anime, or that latest chapter of your favorite manga, or even enjoy a few rounds of Overwatch. The goal is to keep it simple, and remember that you can pull this off for just a minimum of 5 minutes a day. When you get the hang of it, increase that to 10, 15, even 20 minutes. Don’t forget to allow yourself a break, or you will burn yourself out and find yourself back where you started.Happy New Year!

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