Twitch Broadcasts

You can watch the latest broadcasts from our Twitch channel right on this page! You can also check this page for upcoming livestreams! Please read the “Important Broadcast Information” before engaging in the channel chat!
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Important Broadcast Information

  • To get the most out communicating with viewers, a mic will be available during broadcast. However, in order to be motivated to play and grow the channel, the mic will be muted unless there are opportunities that requires the use of one (replying to comments, announcements, etc.) Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s for a productive cause!
  • In addition to limited mic usage, any comments left during the broadcast will be read in a timely manner. This means that comments will be viewed during short breaks during gameplay. This also helps the streamer avoid spoilers and allows for discovery own during the experience. Please feel free to help out–as well as avoiding spoilers–but understand that there will be a delay in replying/acknowledging. (And it should go without saying, please use comment sense when commenting, or there will be consequences!)


Check back here soon for updates!