Channel Surfing: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S2

A part of this post was written way back in the day, or more like when Mobile Suit Gundam 00 first aired in Japan, and when fansubs were a huge deal. However, this is more relevant due to the fact that I finally finished watching the second season of Gundam 00 after sitting on it for a little over a decade, with the climax of the first season’s finale still fresh in my mind–to an extent.


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Pokémon – “Everything Changes”: I’m not crying, you’re crying!

February 27th, 2020 marks Pokémon’s 24th anniversary since the release of the first Pokémon games in the series. And what better time than to stumble across a gem from a part of the franchise that is the 2.B.A. Master soundtrack, featuring original music for the English dub of the Pokémon anime?


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Pokémon: Twilight Wings – Episode 2: “Training”

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Commentary - Pokémon: Twilight Wings

In the second episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings, we are introduced to Bea. She is the fourth Gym Leader players go up against exclusively in Pokémon Sword, where it seems little is known about her at first glance. But in this episode, we get to see her blowing off some steam after a recent battle.


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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Part 4: “Won’t Give Me the Patient’s Information? Okay.”

As I slowly get back into the swing of things, broadening my anime horizons, there is one anime series that I really need to watch more of once I catch up on a few other shows. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one series that people would be shocked to find that I haven’t immersed myself in by now. One scene has given me more reason to include it on my immediate watch list.


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Character Spotlight: Treize Khushrenada

Interesting, albeit unless fact: I began writing this post back in 2013 as a regular feature called “Character of the Month“, right when I hit my severe writer’s block and eventually having a family emergency stacked on top of it. Several years later, and after having a “was that a dream?” moment involving this very same character I attempted to write about, I decided to dust off and flesh out that post for a potential new series moving forward called Character Spotlight. For the first post in the series, I wanted to talk about Treize Khushrenada from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.


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Music Spotlight: Neru – Whatever Whatever Whatever

Here is something a little different that requires me to feature this as a Music Spotlight post, and one that features another VOCALOID song, because there isn’t enough on this blog–and some gems I have yet to discover to share with everyone! This one I came across while I was browsing around on Pixiv in the Pokémon Sword & Shield tags, an entry from what looks like to be an animation featuring the Gym Leaders Raihan (Kibana/キバナ) and Piers (Nezu/ネズ).


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