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Instagram of the Day: #2018bestnine 0

Instagram of the Day: #2018bestnine

This was originally posted on my now-personal Instagram account, @centakuchan, and put into drafts via IFTTT. A week later, I reposted this to the new IG account exclusive to Centaku Media. Just pretend it’s...


Final Fantasy X’s Hidden Affection System

This post was originally published on September 1st, 2009. Author’s Thoughts: Considering the nature of Final Fantasy XV, I thought the game would have something similar, which it does, in a way: when Prompto...


“We Need A Healer!” – #PoorSportsmanship

In the mid-2000s, before I launched the original Centaku Media blog, I used to highlight horrible players for the pettiest things done upon unsuspecting players, including getting kicked from a Linkshell in Final Fantasy...

Instagram of the Day: Daft Punk Cosplay @ Hamacon Mini 0

Instagram of the Day: Daft Punk Cosplay @ Hamacon Mini

I went to Huntsville, AL, to attend the annual day con event held by Hamacon. I had lots of fun, and it’s what you would expect at a day con. Since 2018 is winding...