Channel Surfing: 2023 Late Spring Anime Previews

The Spring Anime Season of 2023 is almost over! Summer is just around the corner, and you now have a lot of free time for a few months until it’s time to go back to school—or whatever other situation that is not of any concern until Autumn. In the meantime, there’s some Dr. Stone, Demon Slayer, and Gundam to catch up to!


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Channel Surfing: Carole & Tuesday

The latest Channel Surfing post is about a TV anime series that premiered on Netflix a while back called Carole & Tuesday. Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop anime fame, this anime is nothing like Cowboy Bebop at all but will have a familiar theme or two throughout the series–including one that is rarely incorporated into an anime that helped its success.


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Channel Surfing: 2021 Fall Anime Lineup

It’s been a while since we’ve looked at the seasonal anime offerings. The mood lately is to just watch everything that’s out there, whether it’s from last season to several years ago. But now that craziness of Summer is behind us, let’s chill and check out several of the anticipated TV anime shows from the the 2021 Fall Anime Lineup!


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Channel Surfing: Valkyria Chronicles (TV Anime)

The following post was originally written in April 2009 as a First Impression post. However, it has been republished as a Channel Surfing post that fits into the brand of the blog series. Enjoy!

I recently finished watching the first episode of another series that is on the Spring 2009 Anime Lineup. This anime is based on a video game of the same name from good old Sega for the Playstation 3, Valkyria Chronicles. Just like Fullmetal Alchemist, this series takes place at the turn of the century. And just like FMA, there’s a war involved–without the Alchemy. Here, it’s just old fashioned strategic fighting.


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Channel Surfing: Classroom of the Elite

I recently finished watching an anime series called Classroom of the Elite. It was an anime series recommended last year on Twitter through the Free Anime Alliance. When I saw the visual art for this show, I thought it was going to be something like Danganronpa or Assassination Classroom. But upon finally watching it, I wasn’t expecting what I thought it was.


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Channel Surfing: YG Future Strategy Office

YG Future Strategy Office is a Netflix Original Series from 2018 that starred former BIGBANG member, Seungri. It’s not a traditional Korean Drama in terms of standards, but a mock reality show. Showing behind the scenes of the maknae’s attempts to improve YG Entertainment’s global domination.


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Channel Surfing: The God of High School

One of the highly anticipated shows of the 2020 Summer Anime Lineup is The God of High School. The God of High School is based on the South Korean WEBTOON comic of the same name, created by Park Yongje, and the anime produced by the studio MAPPA, known for Kids on the Slope, Terror in Resonance, and Yuri on Ice to name a few.


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